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The Saviour Core Chronicles; Nathanial's Tale



About a girl

i. my name is isabelle ii. i am 16 years old iii. travelling is what i love most about life iv. at present, i am in my last 5 months of my GCSE's v. i live somewhere relatively boring vi. lists/plans/projects
vii. being inspired if what i appricate most viii. writing is my favourite way to spend time ix. i seem absurd to most people x. i'm find it too easy to become attached fictional characters xi. i write/read a lot of poetry and short stories xii. i create characters in my head that i blend into my everyday life xiii. my cup is always half full xiv. going to the theatre or to the cinema is my favourite thing to do xv. i want to become good at photography xvi. i like to surround myself in pretty things xvii. fashion is something i adore, but i haven't a 'style' xviii. i dont smoke, do drugs, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, 'hang about' xix. trying to do/make things creates happiness inside me. xx. as i become wiser, i wish to understand time xxi. jewellery to me always has to have a meaning for being worn xxii. i was christened, but my true beliefs are so worldly, and natural, i guess my religion is closer to wiccan xxiii. happiness is what carries me through life xxiv. i wear scarves all through the year, with everything xxv. i like to give petnames to all my friends xxvi. i love my cousins with every part of my soul, xxvii. 5 foot 2 inch tall xxviii. i have blonde hair, green eyes, and small hands+feet. xxix. i live at home with my mother, dog, cat, and fish (+and spider under the bed) xxx. i shall never, in my years of life, be able to express how much i need music in my life, of all genres, styles and from all parts of the globe.

About a doll

♫ The age of man is over, the darkness comes and all~ these lesson we've learnt here, have only just begun
// {Nathanial} </b> (Crobidoll Nia) He was given life by the skies creators and is an artificial human, his DNA taken from another member of the core's dead twin. He is called 'A gift from the Gods', and is part of the Saviour Core, a group of demigods, and other gifted persons to spread positivity throughout the human population, which has been overcome in temptation and greed. Nate has the power to make significant changed physically and so has the gift of healing. He is made to be ageless, and immortal, to continue his work in helping the human population for eternity. Personality wise; Nate is predictable but spontaneous, he drinks a lot of milky coffee and enjoying music and reading. He likes to laze about doing very little and/or chatting to who ever is nearby. Even though he procrastinates a lot he is dedicated to the core & to his life partner Seth.
Likes; Coffee with cream and sugar, bookshops, sleeping, collecting things, history, apple juice
Dislikes; Having to get up, losing things, carrot cake, gravy and the colour orange

There are two things to aim at in life:
first, to get what you want; and,
after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest
of mankind achieve the second.
-Logan Pearsall Smith

☇Ag | Silver
Periodic Table of Elements

Paramore - Misguided Ghosts the theme song of my life