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{for a variety of reasons that don't really matter}

I mainly post about silly little things that revolve around these topics;
  • -myself
  • -what is going wrong/right in my life
  • -my poems, stories, characters, creative writing in general, I do a lot of it, and I am only just starting to become brave enough to post some of it up for people to read.
  • -Nathanial, my doll (who's being shipped as I type this)
  • -things I need to do, need to buy, etc
  • -music, new bands I'm into, songs of the moment etc.
  • -books and manga I'm reading
  • -My photography, as it improves

Please feel free to add me, I love new friends and chatting to people, I am a polite person, I'm not going to deny you or anything sinister like that, I would love to be able to make new friends via this blog so, yeah, just leave a comment just saying hi, (I always feel so unsure of what to write when I ask to be friends with people on their live journal's) so please don't feel... nervous! xD

24 September 2015 @ 05:50 pm
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Thank you!
02 January 2011 @ 09:38 am
My resolutions

1.) To save £1'000 by the end of the year towards my gap year
2.) To become better spoken
3.) To stop swearing
4.) To buy my first lolita outfit (shoes and OP)
5.) Stay a UK 8 size :D
14 August 2010 @ 08:02 am

Seriously, yesterday felt like something of a dream, the way it panned out and the words that were said. It just felt like my life had suddenly turned into a movie and i was waiting to wake up.

I woke up this morning; checked my texts to see if they all were real, checked my facebook to see if it had all actually happened and it had.

The rain that was pelting against my window this morning seems to be laying off now, and my alarm has just gone off to tell me i have to get up.

I cant believe i have to wait till next week to see him. D;

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26 May 2010 @ 11:53 am


A'st1 || SHINee || U-Kiss

29 April 2010 @ 05:58 pm
 My drama exam was today. 

And it went well.
It went fantastic!
Holy Hell ! 
I was so pleased.

My mother came to watch and was very proud.
16 April 2010 @ 06:34 pm
 Hell; Oh my top 5 songs of present; this is in at number 2# ! It's good ! It makes me want to write~!

12 April 2010 @ 12:30 am


An artificial Being created from the twisted DNA of the identical twins Ezekiel and Gabriel, he is a 'Gift from the Gods', and has the strong ability to physical change the body, healing or destroying. He is only about 15-16 in age wise appearance and has caramel blonde hair and blue eyes. He is of an average height and build. Nate likes to collect things that hold a message about Beings and how they have been, so first edition of books are like his favourite thing. He also adores studying the history of the Ground. He is pretty easy natured and is very caring to everyone. His one true bad flaw is that he is quite lazy and procrastinates a lot!


A human whose soul was fused with another. Seth has Amelie's soul entrapped inside of him. Amelie was his first love who got into a traffic accident, and because of magical blood running through Seth, somehow, when Amelie's body died her soul ended fusing with his. When Seth meets Nate he becomes determined to start a fresh new life for himself, but Amelie wont let him, causing him pain ever Nate is near. Seth is a tall elegent gentlemen. Very thin, with long long black hair and grey eyes. Sometimes wears glasses and has a love for american 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's music. Seth is a bit humourous, a joker when he is in the right mood, but other than that; he is a heavy whiskey drinker.

Alexis Snow

A small child, of only about 11-12 years old; he was adopted by the head of the J&T Ltd company after he spent many many years being finely trained to become the ultimate assassin. He is a master at swords, guns, street fighting and most martial arts; as fighting seems to be very natural to him. When he was tortured by the company for months on end to make him emotionless, he befriended an elderly french women who had tried to kill some drug traffickers; anyway, she taught Alexis to dance, ballet. Alexis likes to prey with his victims and probably doesn't realise to others how wrong his personality is. Alexis has severe OCD and likes computers and classical music. With shoulder length brown bob-styled hair and brown eyes.


An angel that feel from heaven, after witnessing her Earthly sister get raped and murdered by the same man that put herself in heaven in the first place. Kai is a small women looking like about an 16-18 year old, she is only part of the core to help children from those who hurt them. She has sleek long white hair and lilac coloured eyes. She is very motherly towards others and will do anything if she thinks it will help them in the long run. She is in a very serious relationship with Ezekiel and they both plan to have a family together one day. She loves cooking and cleaning and sewing/making things for people. Kai can mentally heal people; healing and destroying the very workings of the mind.


A tall bloke, with black hair and green eyes; he is a demigod, his mother was a God who resided in the Skies and his father a mortal man; a mere artist. When the other in the Skies found out about Zeke and his twin brother; they sentenced the twins and their mother to death. Zeke was hidden away on his mothers request by his Uncle. Zeke constantly feels guilty about not being able to save people, like his mother and brother and so over works to try and protect everyone. He is a determined man and knows well what is right and what is wrong. He seriously loves Kai and thinks as Nate as his true brother. He has psychological control over people; helping people sort out their mindsets and spirits and souls.

Charles Harvey IV

Eldest son of a rich, old family, Charlie ran away from all of that when he was about 17; after he discovered the monstrosities that the family business placed in/on the earth, it was against everything Charlie held dear. Charlie then became a hobo living off small jobs and youth hostels. By the time he reached 27 he had been well known for being one of the best street fighters of downtown and resides on a small canal boat that he did up himself. He has long red hair that is all dreaded; full of plaits, beads and feathers and has yellow/orange coloured eyes. Charlie is very goofy and hot headed. Though he seems like a tosser; he is one of sweetest guys you'd ever meet.